Noted benefits of using the AGRIVISION/TNN system:



  • Better conception rates
  • Faster growth rate in all cattle, which extends to next generation.
  • Lower veterinary costs.
  • Higher quality milk - Protein - Fat - low Cell Counts -   Higher Brix reading.
  • Stock able to hold condition.
  • Lower worm burdens.
  • Less replacements required resulting from longevity of cattle.
  • Less metabolic deaths.
  • Cattle much quieter…easier to handle.
  • Less ammonium smell in the Dairy
  • Uniform multiple Grazing, less waste grass, less slashing 
  • On the Mid North Coast of NSW, production increases  of 1.5 – 3 litres day, with some results much higher compared to previous seasons. This could potentially pay for the entire TNN program. Evidence can be provided by contacting us 


  • Better kill-out rates. eg Bullocks normally 50 – 55%…with TNN program done in Victoria consistently 56 – 59%
  • No “dark-cutters”…better quality meat.
  • Faster growth rate in all cattle, which extends to next generation.
  • Lower veterinary costs.
  • Stock able to hold condition.
  • Lower worm burdens…some properties eliminated worm – drenching programs completely.
  • Cattle much quieter…easier to handle.
  • The cattle below were finished on a coastal farm on TNN Pasture + Mineral Plus liquid animal Supplement, always stock is going straight for the Meat Export  Abattoir at Wingham with average carcass weights of 375 to 385 kg/head organised with one phone call.



  • Many of the same benefits as cattle
  • Wool…Higher tensile strength
  • Lower “prickle” factor.
  • More even wool clip.
  • Greater volume of wool clip.
  • Each succeeding generation continues to perform better due to enhanced genetics by
  • nutrition.
  • Sheep
    • Higher lambing percentages.
  • Lambs
    • Faster growth rates.
    • Huge reduction in vet. requirements, drenches and vaccines.
    • Less fly-strike.
    • Less foot-rot.
    • Less time required to manage the operation

"Operating on the north coast of NSW in High rainfall is traditionally not recommended to start goat production. I operate over 1500 Boer goats .Over the last 5 years we have experience allot of problems with abortions in goats as well as mothers lactating losing condition very fast even on the best paddock, at different times up to 50% of mothers have aborted and then allot of the kids failed to thrive. .After years of research working with the district vet, the key problem was established was the lack of available minerals in my high rainfall property. The goats requirements are extremely high, I have tried different forms of supplementation without successes. I am currently have been trialling with TNN products and my initial trials have been very successful. My abortion rate has been dropped to approx 2%, Kids have increased in size by approx 1kg each but with less kidding problems. Kids are growing extremely fast and mums are holding condition well and in some cases the mums are increasing in weight while lactating. At the moment things are going the best they ever have”

Justin Gilbert
Booma Boers - Boer Goat Stud






  • Greater water-holding capacity…less irrigation water required
  • Greater nutrient-holding capacity.
  • Higher value crops .eg. lucerne…Quality & quantity up…more cuts.
  • Little or no rescue-remedies required.
  • More stable soil temperature…less risk of failed crops.
  • Crop residues broken down easier…less fertiliser for next crop.
  • Less chemical use.
  • Less weed pressure once soil is biologically balanced.
  • Lower fuel costs and less time required to work the soil.
  • Evidence of unbelievable increases in Carbon Sequestration up to 22%


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