"Following the recommendations to use TNN Mineral Plus for cattle, I noticed in a few weeks great improvements in the appearance of my cattle. Also an increased performance of our Camp Drafting Horses by applying TNN Mineral Horse Supplement.  My family successfully competes with the North Eastern Zone. I can highly recommend these advanced products."

Ian Argue
Stock and Land
Kempsey, NSW, 2440

"We started 16 months ago, guided by Ludwig Mueller area consultant for TNN farming system with a comprehensive soil test, a nutritional fertiliser program, used in a controlled area Ag-Lime, FCMP, Formula 1 applied to the soil and liquid NK Plus sprayed on foliage. 
We replaced all conventional stock supplements with a cost efficient liquid chelated TNN Mineral Plus Trace Element Supplement applied into the water troughs every 6 weeks. 
Our treated pasture has improved cattle and stock horses looking good and healthy, previous foot problems and lameness has disappeared, the whole herd is in excellent condition and has exceeded our expectations."

Marc & Fran Van Ummersen
Bellbrook, NSW, 2440

"It will soon be 3 years since Ludwig first visited our property to offer his advice about our soil.
At first we found him a bit hard to understand and did not know if we could trust his advice. But we have found that what he has told us seems to work very well, and he has been so helpful at times. Going out of his way to phone, visit, and look around at different animals and land questions we have on our minds. This is just so unlike any help we have been offered in the past.
Most advice we have been given over the years, has not suited our coastal conditions. They would come and take a soil test, but it was not as complete and detailed as Ludwig’s. His test shows every possible element that is deficient.
In the past we have used tons of Urea and Super Phosphate and grew lots of grass. But the cows did not like the taste of the grass and were not contented in the dairy, and always were scoured.
Now from using TNN (FCMP with formula 1 & Urea Supreme) as well as (Liquid Powdered Lime & Fish Emulsion) our herd is much more contented. The cows stay in their paddock all day and no longer get the wanders. Our herd seems to be that much more contented at milking time and makes our job quicker and easier.
Our thanks must go to Ludwig and TNN for showing us, what we think is a better way of managing soils, pastures & our herd for the long term.

Max & Bev Saul
1370 “Southbank” Taylors Arm Road.
Macksville 2447.



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